Feel the touch screens. Microsoft's patent

Is that although it seems that everything is invented, there is nothing further from reality. Moreover, touch screens have a long way to go given your short time to live. Now it is Microsoft who is proposing a novelty; feel the touch screens.

And the announcement comes from the company Microsoft, thanks to a patent they are working. The patent that would feel the touch screens is based on placing a layer of cells on plastic with shape memory on the touch screen. So, depending on the light received from the screen, the cell would simulate the feel of a real keyboard.


However, this new invention in which Microsoft currently works allow us feel the touch screens, Is not expected to reach the market soon, or we find a tablet or a smartphone with these features, because the engineer in charge of the patent notes that this research is oriented to the market for big screens.

However, if this patent is ahead, and the company saw profit in applying Microsoft technology that allows feel the touch screens other devices who knows? Perhaps not so distant in the future when there is a tablet with these characteristics.