How to Install Google Chrome Chromium in Arch Linux

As many of you know, Chromium is the open source project behind Chrome. Chromium is updated daily and held in a very advanced compared to Chrome.

Today I'll show you how to install Chromium in our beloved Arch Linux. First of all I mention that this guide is subject to change so it may come a time that does not work this method of installation.

The first thing to do is install yaourt. If you do not know yaourt, I recommend you look for information in the wiki. If you did not know yaourt, I assure you that this moment on you're going to love.

To install yaourt, you must add the following repository in / etc / pacman.conf:

Server =

After having done this, update and install yaourt with the following command:

sudo pacman-Sy yaourt

We already have yaourt installed. Now we will install Chromium. Yaourt tool has a kind of search and we can access with the following command:

yaourt-Ss nombredelpaquete

To find out what packages are available for Chromium, would use the following command:

yaourt-Ss chromium

Get a list of related packages or may not be related. The point is that we are going to be carried away by the description of the package and so we know which package to install.

In my list is as follows: chromium-browser-bin and is the one I have currently installed. I advise you install this package, it is updated daily, is well advanced and it works great.

To install run the following command:

yaourt-S chromium-browser-bin

We followed the instructions and when we ask if we want to edit, press the button N, Up to the installation question, press the key which Y.

After installed, you can scroll through the menu or simply write from the terminal:


If we acividades the option to synchronize bookmars, chromium must launch the following command:

chromium-browser - enable-sync

Finally, go Chrome Extensions to install some extensions.

Recommended extensions: Adblock +, Adsweep, Facebook Notifications, Gmail Checker, Checker Google Reader, Google Wave Checker.