How to determine whether to open or read the emails that you send EmailOracle

Some time ago I published a list of tools realize if the recipient opens the email you sent and even receive a notice, well now we will see another tool called EmailOracle which is unique to Gmail and Google Apps also lets you know if the person you sent an e-mail has been opened and it alerts you have spent days (you can specify how many days) without having opened the message.

To use EmailOracle you install an extension in your browser, this extension works in Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome, after installing the extension, go to your account Gmail or Google Apps and you will see a new option in the left column that says: Tracked Emails click there and authorizes EmailOracle to use your Gmail account.


Now every time you go to compose a new email from your browser with the extension installed you will see 2 options as seen in the picture above where you can choose the number of days to alert you if you have not opened the email, and second, whether the brands will let you know when the recipient opens the email.

EmailOracle allows you to track up to 20 emails a month free, but if you want to track more emails you have to pay a package, you have available with 50, 200 or 10,000 emails a month, and to customize the image EmailOracle inserted at the end of the messages and be able to an invisible must pay for a package.