Switch, a multiuser browser iPad

Clearly, iPad is a device that has multi-user destination. Its content weight, striking design and screen that will always find a group of friends together and have a iPad is securely pass from hand to hand.

The downside, as you point out in Lifehacker, is that the Apple tablet does not support it, and it is clear that not everyone will feel comfortable sharing. But there is a iPad browser call Switch Offering Support for user accounts and can solve much of the problem.


As expected, each user can create their account and password protect it so that when we started Switch see images of all users. A quick "tap" one of them will allow us, through password, access history, bookmarks and passwords that we have stored, with the added benefit of being able to save several accounts of the same service (eg Twitter or Gmail).

Switch occupies just 2.6 MB and is developed specifically for the iPad. The cost (limited time) is 99 cents on the App Store.