Extcv allows us to resize our TrueCrypt volumes

Several times we talked about TrueCrytpt, This excellent utility Encryption allows us to ensure hard drives and folders. But the problem is that when you create an encryption need to define the size of its container, which then can not easily be modified but the task is downright exhausting.

The situation worsened with the arrival of TrueCrypt 7 due to their incompatibility with tools that helped in the task, but luckily the update Extcv allows resize container of our encryption in a few steps, whether these containers, disks or partitions.


First, we must select the TrueCrypt volume that we want to expand, which must first be removed. Then we asked whether Extcv this volume contains a sub volume hidden: it is a security question in case of an affirmative answer abort the task, since in that case we would lose all information.

Then you need to enter the password and that's how we're headed toward a dialogue in which we set the new size to our encrypted volume, and as the final step needed to recreate the random numbers of our encryption.