Mitsubishi announced a 9-inch screen

The manufacturer Mitsubishi has announced a new device included within the field of displays, Mitsubishi display display will be a 9-inch TFT LCD technology and LED backlight. For this product the brand, it seems that the fundamental strategy of sale will focus on size, it will be one of the few in the sector, with dimensions as small.

And with the war of the tablets, which are precisely similar dimensions devices, consumers are demanding more and more, easily portable gadgets from one place to another, and that's the philosophy of this new product, the Mitsubishi screen gives you 9 inches to play content wherever you want.

Mitsubishi 9-inch screen

As for the specs Mitsubishi display, Note that offers viewing angles of 170 degrees, 960 × 540 pixel resolution and 16:9. The manufacturer claims the life of the display reaches 100,000 hours and is capable of displaying 16.77 million colors.

As always, the announcement of the Mitsubishi display missing data, such as when they thought the device hits the market or the starting price. So to know more, there will be more to wait for the official announcement of the brand.