Jailbreak for Windows Phone 7

After many unsuccessful attempts to unlock the Windows Phone 7, Has finally managed to jailbreak through a tool called ChevronWP7.

The tool will allow unblocking smartphone the application load The use of private APIs, And access to low-level functionality.

Unlock Windows Phone 7 is much easier than it looks. Through this program we will have only a few clicks so that our smartphone free rein to bear.


To unlock a mobile phone operating system WP7, we must first download the tool ChevronWP7, Which is the program that will unlock the phone.

Once you've downloaded, we need to connect the smartphone on to the computer (PC or Mac) using a USB cable. When the computer recognizes the device we can open the program, we recognize the device and tell us if you want to unlock.

At this point we'll have to click Unlock (As you can see in the picture above). Once we do this, the program will take time to unlock the phone (two to 5 minutes). When the countdown is over, our smartphone is already unlocked.

Do not worry about the warranty, as well as being quite safe (the 99% often than not breaks), the program has built a tool that, once unlocked smartphone, We can return to block it.