How to tell if your ISP is filtering traffic Glasnost Test

Much has been said about net neutrality, neutrality basically refers to the right of individuals to access all publicly available material on the Internet, but in many countries it does not, for example in China where the content filter government does not suit you, then people of that country can not have access to all sites, services and information available online to other people if you can, but these cases do not only occur in China, it may be that your country has also block certain sites or services from your Internet provider and check that I will present a tool called Glasnost Test.


With Glasnost Test You can check if your ISP has restrictions on 3 types of applications because it makes a series of tests to determine whether or not Glasnost Test can be tested in applications such as P2P BitTorrent, eMule or Gnutella, For standard applications can test TRAFFIC via email POP e IMAP4, The websites under the protocol HTTP, Transfers via SSH or old groups Usenet Finally can verify that there is no problem with the video and videos YouTube.

Glasnost Test runs from your browser by a Java Applet, So you need to have Java installed to use either Windows, Linux or Mac.