Kinect used to play Super Mario Bros., is authentic

Within hours of launch KinectSome users already unraveling the secrets hidden within the control device created by Microsoft for Xbox 360. And from the offices of the company, rather startled by these revelations, they were interested in knowing how far I could get the imagination of users without getting into illegal topics, something that certainly it does not care.

In this aspect are beginning to see the shows really curious, often, about all you can give them the motion control system without controls. Now a video has come to our attention, and it is that a user has retro gaming emulator to play, live and direct, the classic NES Super Mario Bros. (the 8-bit) with his body.

Responsible for this hack has been Yankey, well known in the scene Kinect because previously compiled a light saber using technology Microsoft.

What he has done on this occasion is to become the real Mario, not just in the first game of the character, but also in its aftermath Nintendo NES. It uses a system which works Kinect PC emulators that are compatible with the hundreds of games roms retro and print.