Playboy launches a hard drive with preloaded content

The era of technology reach all sectors, and is that to be the only hard drive on the market that can not be bought by design, technical specifications or the manufacturer's mark, this must be the Playboy's hard drive.

And the company has decided to offer its followers the history of 56 years of Playboy in a different, much more practical than in paper format. This is a portable hard drive that stores all this content that is sold at a price of $ 300 in the signature page.


But although the main selling point of Playboy's hard drive are precisely the contents that are included, the fact is that in terms of its technical characteristics, we talk about 250 GB of storage in a rather small, 5 × 3x5 inches.

The interface of this PlayBoy hard drive is the Hi-Speed USB 2.0 and 1.1 and is capable of transmitting to 480MB per second. In terms of design, the hard disk of the firm is completely black, and the front is, occupying almost all the space the Playboy logo.