How to record a video and audio streaming to StreamRecorder.NET

Of free solutions available today that are very robust so as to record Streaming are MPlayer and VLC but to do this both require you to write some commands on the system console, which for many users is very difficult to use (and find). For that reason there StreamRecorder.NET a graphical and easy to use application that allows you to record Streaming audio or video being played in Mpay or VLC.

Use StreamRecorder.NET is very simple you only have to define the URL of the streaming, then define the term if you want to record all full-Stream you choose when to stop, then choose where to save the final file in Recording choose which tool you use if VLC or MPlayer, I recommend VLC, or you can choose another, and you can even set the final file's metadata.

To use StreamRecorder.NET you need to have installed . NET Framework and runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.