Cheat Engine, PC games hack

Cheat Engine is a popular software application that is widely distributed on the Internet , particularly younger users since it is a fantastic tool that allows hack games regardless of the type that they are , ie it does not matter if we have them installed on the PC , if a single executable (or Portable) or access them online using a web browser obviously our favorite.

The program Cheat Engine can edit almost any game that we are running at the same time we use the application with the sole purpose that the program can access and read the configuration variables you use to edit them at our whim . Thus after a little practice and recognition of variables that must be edited can modify the game to our liking with the possibility of giving us more lives, reducing the level of difficulty, skip levels, etc .


Although the application Cheat Engine 5.5 is only available in English , once we have worked with her and takes a little practice and familiarity with its functions can be a great tool to help us modify PC games as we wish. In fact this program is widely used by users of the popular social networking site Facebook to try to modify the behavior of widely used as games or Restaurant City Pet Society . Cheat Engine