Medion Akoya X7343d Desktop with 12 Gbytes of RAM

Medion teams noted for their successful value for money , and this model is no exception . Just take a look at your configuration to see that we have a PC equipped with one of the most powerful Intel micros for desktop PCs , along with a high number of RAM. In fact, 12 Gbytes strike us as excessive for the target user of this computer

Perhaps it would have been wiser to opt for a smaller amount of RAM and improved graphics system. If we look at the evidence we will see a graph that looks something behind with a next generation gaming or applied demanding graphics system . In any case you can not ask for much more in return uncial cost , being a interesting option to look for some quality, price, and the final configuration .


The negative point is that we have found chassis assembly. The interior wiring poorly organized , and lacks a fan to actively move the air inside the box beyond the CPU or the source. The result is a considerable internal temperature, Even without performing demanding tasks. Instead, what we have thought it a great idea is the installation of two front bays with hot-swap 3.5-inch drive.With which to expand the storage of your computer without even having to open the case .


  1. Manufacturer: Medion
  2. Model: Akoya X7343d
  3. Price: 1099 €
  4. Phone: 917990670
  5. Platform: Intel
  6. Processor: Intel Core i7 920 2.67 GHz
  7. Chipset: Intel X58
  8. RAM installed : 12 GBytes
  9. Hard Disk Drives : Western Digital 1 Tbyte SATA - 3.5 "
  10. Optical Drives : LG DVD + /- RW SuperMulti
  11. Multi- Reader :
  12. Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GT 230 to 1.5 Gbytes
  13. Sound Card: Realtek HD Audio
  14. Ethernet:
  15. WiFi:
  16. Bluetooth:
  17. Modem:
  18. Webcam:
  19. Additional Hardware : flash card reader front and two installation disks
  20. Expansion Bays : 2
  21. Additional Ports : 2 x PS / S , 8 x USB 3.0 , FireWire , DVI , VGA , HDMI and mini jacks
  22. Operating system: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 -bit
  23. Software included: MS Office 2007 Trial , MS Works 9 , BullGuard Internet Security Trial, Acrobat Reader and Power DVD
  24. Keyboard:
  25. Mouse:
  26. Product Rating : 7.7
  27. Ratings for money: 8.6