Connect to the Internet with PS

  1. Internet connectivity:
  • The PS3 console is connected via Wi -Fi but also supports LAN cable . If you have not ever connected to the Internet, create a new account (left menu) and follow the onscreen instructions . Internet is free PlayStation 3.


  • On the menu , go to the PS Network category and come to Manage Transactions. Once there, select Manage wallet. Inside you can redeem a prepaid card or pay by credit card. In the latter case , you can add between 5 and 100 Euros.

3. BUY :

  • From the main menu , go to PlayStation Network and there PS Store. From here , buy games for PS3 or PSP ( follow the onscreen instructions to PSP). If you have a PSP Go , you can download the games directly from that console. Elinterfaz is exactly the same.


  • Once the purchase is downloaded , go out to the main menu and enter in the appropriate category : game , video , photo or music. In the case of PSP , the titles are recorded on a Memory Stick in the directory for games.