Cell phone VS Kids

At the beginning, people use a hand phone just to create a call or send SMS. But nowadays, the functions are more than that. Lots of features had been produced to create the individuals more interested to buy and use hand phone. Some producers of hand phone also try to acquire their customer’s interest by offering some features only in 1 tool. You'll find many hand phone using a camera created in. Not just that, some models also put cellular television in the in the hand phone. The newest models include three features in a single tool. That features are Cellular Web access, mobile TV access, Games’ feature, and produced in camera with a beneficial specification.

Actually, the producer of a hand phone tries for getting all the segment’s market Android 2.1 Image from youngsters to adult. Therefore, they try to create lots of models which have been fit for every segment. However, a hand phone with some very good feature in it'll not only make adult interested to get it, but also the children.
The question is how significantly this technology will give effect toward the children? Parents ought to carefully eat care of their children, specifically for ones using of Web mobile access. Avoid kids to have a hand phone which has an World wide web access. The reason is just since it will likely be tough for the parents to manage their kids behavior. It's going to be wiser to give them a simple hand phone which only is also use for make a call and SMS. The rarely use of hand phone also will the little ones far more protection toward the electromagnetic radiation.