Xbox360 : Castlevania : Harmony of Despair - Cheats

Get all the achievements and unlocks access to some sections of the game.

Total Achievements :
12 - total Gamerscore : 200G

10G :
· Lifeguard : Resurrects a fallen comrade.
· Kick impeccable Defeat an enemy with a kick slider final .
· West justice: Kill an enemy hitting him with a skeleton bone that you have previously released .
· Couples mortal Defeat the final enemy using dual Fury .

15G :
· Justice poetic Defeat an ally who has fallen into the enemy camp of evil.
· Vampire Hunter : Defeat the Lord of Castlevania.

20G :
· Grasshopper : Runs 30 consecutive kicks in the air without touching the ground.
· bones : Defeat a boss with five players with a skeleton .
· Collections : Collect 300 different object types .
· Opulence : Earn a million gold.
· Murderer voracious Kill 10,000 enemies .

30G :
· legendary Hunter : Complete Hard mode.

Alucard Gamerpic Unlockable :
Complete Chapter 6 on the Normal difficulty level as a player ( offline).

Hard Mode :
Complete Chapter 4 on the Normal difficulty level . Also items and weapons will be unlocked in the shop.

Voices in Japanese:
When you choose the color of your character , hold down the RT button while pressing A to select the version of the voices in Japanese.