Samsung SP H03 (Pico Projector ), an analysis

Imagine having the possibility to make presentations to audiences , with devices that simply carry in your pocket? Or how to project the films that we have saved on the iPhone / iPod Touch, as our own portable home theater ?

This is the great promise of Pico Projectors. miniature projectors that can run on batteries, are compatible with multiple types of input and , above all, fit in the palm of your hand.

The Samsung SP- H03 is one of the Pico Projectors, but with some differences. Instead of or 20 lumens (measure of light power as perceived by the human eye - in short, how bright it is ), the H03 brings SP- 30 , putting it among the brightest of the market (the Optoma PK301 , however , has 50 Lumens) . However , any such Pico Projectors Projector pales compared to "real ", which ranges from 2000 to 2.500 lumens on average. That is, do not expect to get much use the gadget in a room brightly lit , or day.

At night , however , the Samsung worked wonderfully . It's really amazing to take the laptop, or iPod , plug the projector in miniature, wherever we are .



  1. 7 cm in width and height , making it look like a cube.
  2. It has touch buttons at the top
  3. It has audio / composite video (for RCA) , VGA , MicroSD slot .
  4. Audio Output
  5. It has 1 GB of internal storage.
  6. It is capable of playing files Powerpoint, Word , Excel , PDF
  7. It also reproduces audio, images and video ( avi , mp4 , asf , rm, mpeg , flv , wmv )
  8. Resolution of 854 x 480 ( WVGA)
  9. Internal rechargeable battery (approximately 2 hours)
  10. It has a slider to control the focus


The analysis

I have been using these two days straight , in a normal environment ( my office ) and in the darkroom that I use as Home Theater. In a room with normal lighting , the Pico Projector can display pictures when we put to 1-1.5 meters. This projection does not produce a very large, but clear enough to see daylight.

In a darkened room , however , we can expand quite the image (up to about 80 "according to Samsung) , and thanks be the only source of light , it worked pretty well. For videos, presentations, worked pretty well. However, when using it with my computer , the image was too saturated . I could fix this by changing a little color profiles . After playing with the options , I could get a fairly good, for a projector so small.

Connect the PC (or Mac) , it was as simple as connecting the cable to the Mac and the projector (using the special adapter included ), choose the source and PC in the menu, and start using it . The same when I tried it with a DVD player . In both cases, the experience was pretty good.

The projector features speakers incorporated, but the volume is quite poor, so they will want or use headphones ( if, for example, are watching movies , projecting into the room), or a good pair of speakers , in the case of a presentation.

I tried to upload some files, and had no problems with WMV and MP4s (in standard definition .) Do not wait , however , see this little play video in high definition on its own. This will require connecting a PC capable of playing. I also tried some PowerPoint files and they were pretty well ( ie only with the projector, with a PPT copied to internal memory , with no PC). The effects and transitions did not work, so if you depend on them, again it is best to use a PC. However, I was satisfied with multimedia capabilities built into the tiny projector.



The Samsung SP- H03, or Pico Projectors in general are not for everyone . . If you have a prepared environment , or even screened in very clear, the SP- H03 were not any good , and is much better to invest in a traditional projector .

If , however , are looking for a projector that can simply keep in your pocket (or can fit in the pocket of a suitcase) and it will be used mainly for showing videos at home - a makeshift home theater - or know each presentation will be in a dark room , is an interesting purchase. Not yet reached the day when a projector light enough to compete with traditional projectors can fit in our pocket , but given the laptop and useful it can be the Samsung SP- H03 is an interesting purchase. I? It definitely will be using to project movies in my room ( advisable to get a tripod , of course) , or videos in the summer.