Connect to the Internet with Wii

  1. Internet connectivity:
  • The console uses Wi -Fi , but you can buy a LAN adapter . If you have not connected never entered the main menu options and then on Settings, Internet connection settings. Nintendo does not charge for using the Internet .


  • Enter Shop Channel . From the menu , press Enter. Click to add points . You can redeem a Wii Points Card card or use credit card. In the latter case, you can buy 1000, 3000 or 5000 Wii Points. 1000 Wii Points are worth 10 €

3. BUY :

  • Go into Wii Channels , Virtual Console or Wii Ware . The first is software. On Wii Ware and Virtual Console games are . You can download them or give them away. If you have Wii Points and memory, click on confirm.


  • Once you have downloaded the game (while you download you can not do anything else ), it aparecrá as a new channel from the menu. To play , click on it . When you exit the game , the game will be recorded at that point.