Create a mobile version of your website in 5 minutes with Onbile

Create a website to the mobile version may be unknown to some , but it is something that to this day must be made as more and more users are accessing Internet through their mobile phone and for that reason we must find a solution.

Only 3 steps are required to use this service called Onbile. The first is choose a template among those that are available , then add content the site, pages, sections , buttons and others and finally be in fact place a javascript code that detect when a user is accessing your site through a mobile device , making it automatically redirected to the mobile version of website.


To add the contents through Onbile, It implements a simple editor that also lets you add text, upload images and multimedia content. As such a service is easy enough to use for those who do not want complicated by complex adaptations from one site to the mobile version on the contrary of Onbile can be quite a lengthy process .