Zback , synchronize and backup data

Zback is a free very small , only about 200k, which has a powerful utility: synchronize our data and files.

Suppose you PC and laptop. Now you have the same files you have on a well in the other. One may think it's easy, just copy and paste a folder. But we may need different file folders, and that means being very aware of not to be mistaken with what we do .

To avoid error , we Zback. This little application can help the synchronization between two computers or folders. What makes it special is that you can compare the two directories to see if we have the right files or not.

There is another role Zback, And is to conduct a backup or back up our files and even the disk hard. No need to install Zback. Until we can take on a pen drive and wore it from there.Free Download Zback