Xbox360 : Limbo - Video Game Cheats

Get two new avatars and all the achievements .

Unlockables for our avatar :
· T-shirt : Get your first achievement in Limbo.
· Pet: Beat the game.

Total Achievements :
12 - total Gamer score : 200G

· Walk wrong: " That's not right . "
At the beginning of the game in chapter 1 , go left until you reach the luminous sphere.
Points : 5

• The attitude is the attitude: " Examination on the ground. "
In Chapter 2 when you get a broken tree , you can push to create a path , if you look you will see a rope hidden by leaves, hold it and rock to reach the ledge on the left, where you will find a luminous sphere .
Points : 5

· You are stuck : "Prepare a landing on solid ground . "
When we overcome the brain controls the worm puzzle at the end of Chapter 11, we drag the pipe through which we climbed to the right past the stairs to the water area where there is no escape. Now we get on and jump left to grab a rope that hangs up , causing a ball of light falling on the pipe, allowing this and this to us.
Points : 10

· Exploration Urban : "You have to lift a heavy weight . "
In Chapter 14, after passing another puzzle worm control brains, the left back to the area of lift , drag the box on the left to the elevator, and place it in the right area . Now, down the platform and press the button to upload, then climb on top of the lift , using the box. Once there , jump to the rope on the left, to fall a ball of light , preventing more you crush the fall. Now you just have to pick up the area, but do not jump directly to the ground, for you will die.
Points : 10

· Only in the darkness : "Under the arthropod . "
At the end of Chapter 14 After passing the puzzle with the two boxes and the saw blade , we enter a very dark area where we find a rickety staircase and the entrance of a cave. Enter the cave and keep going until you hear the sound of water under your feet. Now jump up and see to the right until you find a sphere of light.
Points : 10

Ascending · gear : " Do not pull the lever just because you can. "
In Chapter 16 we will enter a factory, where we will find a huge gear. When you go up the lift platform , we should not press the lever , but jump into gear and go for it, heading towards the right where we find a luminous sphere.
Points : 10

· March back: " Ride on the boxes . "
In chapter 18 we find a conveyor belt , we must place one of the boxes on the belt and climb into the box to reach the edge of the grinding device on the left. Stand on the edge until the grinder back and then goes up and over the scale of the top left , where you'll find a luminous sphere .
Points : 10

· Guided by sparks : " The box is the key. "
In Chapter 19 we complete the area of the trolley , activate a switch and everything will start to spin again. To avoid the electrified floor , we jump up some stairs and then to a new platform. The left wall is electrified and a box dropped in that area. Tape the box to the wall and climb it. Now jump left , where a hidden platform in the dark. Finally jumps right to collect the luminous sphere .
Points : 10

• Low earth: " Vertical Catwalk . "
In Chapter 21 you will find an elevator , it triggers the switch to raise , when the top goes down the hole and hang the chain to go down to the bottom where you'll find a luminous sphere .
Points : 10

· Rising : "Do not let gravity get you down . "
In Chapter 23 when we move the puzzle of gravity of electrified points , find another drop zone with a gravity switch . We jump and press the switch, and run to the left, where you will find a box after jumping , it will throw while running to expel a luminous sphere .
Points : 10

· Where credit is over : "Persistence pays off . "
Complete the game and see the end credits.
Points : 100

· Dying does not make sense
Complete the game in one go , killing up to five times.
Points : 10