ShellMenuNew , modify the context menu of Windows 7

ShellMenuNew enable or disable the items that appear in the menu contextual of Windows 7.

ShellMenuNew is a very small but very practical for customize our Windows. In this case ShellMenuNew works by changing the menu contextual of Windows 7, Vista , XP and 2000.

What really makes ShellMenuNew? This software allows enable or disable items occurring within New} { menu when we click the right mouse button . You may have noticed that when you enter { New} is a list of items you can choose to create a new instance of each of them.

But my I I like things appear that I will never use or do not know how to use , so with ShellMenuNew I can choose to turn off things like { } Shortcut rarely use, or { } Briefcase already is used to synchronize two computers, but with programs like Zback (Which I told you before ) , why use something as enigmatic as Briefcase { }? Free ShellMenuNew