5 Free Mac Applications for Back to School

For this back to school many of you will have several new things and some lucky ones may also be premiering a computer Mac new , but now maybe you do not know where to start to take advantage and use it together with your school activities, jobs, tasks , notes and everything else . For starters you can download these applications we recommend that you are free and can help a lot in your classes.


This simple application is quite useful especially at the time of doing homework or work on your computer, since it does is keep track of your clipboard ( when copying something we want to use) so you do not have to be changing for the application for each thing you want copy and paste. Using this application you can greatly improve your productivity and have more free time later. The good thing about this application, which is also free , is that you can save plain text , formatted text , images and other things that make it highly efficient. ClipMenu


Evernote is an application multi -platform (Mac, Windows, IPAD, iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Etc) that lets you save your ideas wherever you are and synchronize all your devices. It's perfect for students taking notes , save web pages to read later, images and even voice and video notes . It is a very useful and versatile application to synchronize and have your notes available anywhere. Evernote

Velocity notational

To save notes simplest and most practical way to Evernote , you can use notational Velocity. This application is very simple but quite useful for taking notes on various topics and ideas that you need to go throughout the day . It is easy to control without need the keyboard and you can assign a keyboard shortcut to make it even faster to use . Besides that you can synchronize your notes between multiple devices and applications using Simplenote is a free service. You only need to register and download the application to your phone as iPhone or IPAD and presto, your notes I can read and create anywhere. Velocity notational and Simplenote


If you need inspiration for when you are composing a job OmmWriter you can give it. By using this application you can write in a completely relaxing space and music and sounds the same style so you can concentrate completely on what you are writing as you relax to let the ideas flow alone. Since you can finish writing copy and paste where you have to use and ready . Although it might sound ridiculous , believe me it works. OmmWriter

CloudApp and Dropbox

These two free applications, CloudApp and DropboxServe to share your files online and can be quite helpful when sharing tasks and work with your classmates. Each is used differently but both work fairly well and each has its different advantages and disadvantages. CloudApp and Dropbox