See IP cameras Android

If anything has advanced, and far is the monitoring by cameras.

And it is not due to two factors : the Internet and low prices.

IP Cameras today are fairly inexpensive and allow the subject to monitor what happens in a place without being physically present , another great option although more complex DVR are, Which basically is a CCTV camera server that records what happens in the same "on digital " (ie hard disk ) as well as allow entry via the Internet to handle and / or monitor the content.

The DVR issue with these and many IP cameras is that by default you need Internet Explorer ( which downloads an ActiveX add ) or at most a browser that supports Java , not lite , which leaves out most smartphones and somewhat limited browsers .

Since I know several people who have DVR and I was bought Androids obliged to look for a program to monitor IP cameras on Android , and I found , it is IP Cam Viewer.


(The display of any Android is possible to monitor headquarters)

IP Cam viewer (I use it in the Lite version ) is an absolutely fantastic software . It supports more than 200 types of cameras and DVR ( even more farts ) and also has an interface APB tremendously, making it ideal for any user.

So you know, if they have to take care of the ranch from afar and have Android, this is your program.

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