How to kill an application in Linux that does not close

Although there is the belief that Linux is not an operating system that is cherry, I regret to say that this is not quite true. If it happens occasionally that one or another application locks / cherry and apparently can not do anything. If you have used Windows know the famous "CTRL + ALT + DEL", something missed when we close a process that does not work, but How do we do this in Linux?

There are a couple of instructions that can be used in these cases. But there is another method that is more like what we do in Windows, something easy, especially for those who have recently migrated.

Go to System / Administration / System Monitor. We will go something like the window that appears in Windows when you press the famous combo of the three keys. If you go to the tab "processes", you'll see what is happening on your system. Find what's cherries, please click right on it and then kill process. That's it.

There is another way to do this through the console commands "kill " and "killall"But I think now with the ease you have to use Linux operating systems have a very friendly graphical environment, you do not get tangled life learning codes, which end up forgetting the time. This does not mean you have to be loose with this type of learning, but that's another story.