Tips for Tron: Evolution, the game inspired by the Disney feature film.

Tron: Evolution The game inspired by the new Disney movie, has three levels of difficulty. Here is a trick to unlock extra difficulty mode, the mode "Insane"Do not put all hands. For this you simply need to complete the game in Hard Mode.


You will find below the complete list of all the success in content Tron: Evolution and how to unlock them.

Look what I found! (5): Find a file Tron

Heating (5): Obtain a damage multiplier x5

First purchase (5): Buy an improvement for the first time

Who is this program? (5): Win your first level

It could be useful (10): Capture a power node or a tank on the board

Rookie of the checkerboard (10): Playing a game on the board

It's my job (10): Reach level 10

Everything is explained (15): Collect all fragments Abraxas

Walkover (15): Get a x15 damage multiplier

It has only just begun (15): Win a match on the board Disintegration

For the team, hip hip hip (15): Win a match Disintegration team on the board

I think I'm taste (15): Win a game online Hungry for power on the board

Quite a long way (15): 15 000 kilocycles Browse by lumicycle or lumitank

Hello, program! (20): Finish the initiation

Programme unbeatable (20): Get the biggest damage multiplier

Collector Module (20): Buy all modules

Monitor system evolved (25): Reach level 20

Fan of Tron (30): Find all files Tron

Tactician checkerboard (30): Buy all stimulants

Digital shopping (30): Purchase all character optimizations

Melee (30): Disintegrate 100 enemies in melee

All in the Wrist (30): Disintegrate 500 enemies with the luminous disc

And make it snappy! (30): Disintegrate 50 enemies with explosive disc

It may be unpleasant (30): Disintegrate 25 enemies with the disc briber

Too slow! (30): Disintegrate 25 enemies with the disk invalidate

They did not see it coming (30): Disintegrate 50 enemies with the heavy disk

Boom! Boom! Boom! (30): Disintegrate 200 enemies with lumitank

Nothing stops me (30): Disintegrate 10 enemies before you die

Deadly spree (30): Disintegrate 100 enemies with your lumicycle

It's getting serious (40): Reach level 30

Ever (50): Reach level 40

Terminus (50): Finish the game

Equal Designer (75): Reach level 50

Seasoned designer (75): Finish the game on 'Insane"