Color Nook hack so you can read Kindle books

As most of you probably know, the Nook of Barnes & Noble have an operating system that is based on Android and for this reason, it may be root (Ie, administrator) of the system. This is exactly what they did a group of hackers and, last but not least, gave him the opportunity to read books Kindle.

Be root system Android To give you an idea is something like him jailbreak the iOS of Apple. It allows users to access functions normally could not. The process of how it's well explained here though is somewhat complicated.

What really makes this modification is made to return the operating system Color Nook in an ordinary Android. The issue is that Barnes & Noble had forbidden many things in your software. Now, not only be able to read Kindle books But also use YouTube, Gmail and, best of all, the Android Market. This means that users who do this will have a world of applications before him could not previously installed.

This makes the Color Nook in something like a tablet. Logically, a tablet that was not created for it and it will work a bit slow but hey, it only costs $ 249. Obviously what they will from Barnes & Noble is certainly provide an update on this rooted blocking software, but many may simply say no to this update and problem solved.