Beware of Skype now, a 3G video call can consume your data rate

Okay, all iPhone users are excited because now bring video conferencing using Skype, it is good news but good news if you make these calls using Wi-Fi networks, if you plan to make a video call via 3G, please measured the second time you'll be connected.

As measured by _9 to 5 Mac_ Skype, a minute of streaming video (get the video of another person and send yours) consumes about 3.4 megabytes per minute, Namely 1.3 and 2.1 megs megs sent received. The problem is that most iPhone tariffs in the world are flat rates but with a maximum discharge of around from 250 to 500 megabytes or gigabytes.

If for example you are for 10 minutes in a video conference with another person via 3G, you can get the joke by some 340 megawatts, which already exceeds some more basic flat rates. Obviously you do not break the connection, but for the remainder of the month will have to travel at a speed more suited to 1999 than 2010. It's funny because Same thing happened to FaceTime, Only this time FaceTime about 3MB per minute consumption.

The recommendations are obvious, make video calls, but also do not spend a few minutes because you can be no data to make ends meet, but obviously it is better to make calls using Wi-Fi networks in your home, office or if you're on the street , looking for some sucker to take their Wi-Fi network, find a point Fon or some coffee.