How to login automatically in Ubuntu

If you've ever used Ubuntu know that to enter the system you should login with a username and password that were created when installing this OS. This process can sometimes be tiring, especially if you reboot the PC and let it do this alone and suddenly you realize you did not start because he was still on screen login. Or just do not need this process there is only one way to give security to your system.

If you want this not happen and Ubuntu is logged automatically, Go to System / Administration / Access screen.

A new window will be blocked. Press "unlock" and set your password. Then mark "Login as user-name automatically" and then close.

That's it. Very simple. If you want you can also tell you to stop the automatic login for a few seconds for someone to login, but if the single user are you (like me) is not necessary. This tutorial should work on any Ubuntu or other Linux have Gnome and environment But I did in Ubuntu 10.10.