Hints Two Worlds II

Here are some tips for Action RPG Two World II. Available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, but here it is code that concern only the PC version of the game are these codes then type directly on the keyboard during any phase of play careful to respect the uppercase, lowercase, and spaces between characters lest failure handling.

Add experience : # AddExperiencePoints

Have more gold : # Addgold

Add points parameter (endurance, strength ...) : # AddParamPoints

Add skill points : # AddSkillPoints


Choose the time of the day : Time # (enter a number between 1 and 255)

Enable God Mode : GOD 0

Disable God Mode : 1 GOD

Here are some additional codes for Two Worlds II

Add experience points: Addexperiencepoints [number]

Full health: Health

Kill your horse: Killhorse

Up one level: Ec.dbg levelup

Put all the attributes to 1000: Ec.dbg iamcheater

Show boat: Eq_boat_01

Show horse: Horse_01 (01 to 04 for different colors)

Teleport where the cursor: Jump2

Unlock all skills: Ec.dbg skills