Skype video calls reach iOS

What better way to "reward" users for this final so bad that the company has had (blackout and fall worldwide), Which arrival for users iOS the video call. From what we had today announced last week All those who enjoy version 4.0 or higher may use the tool, either via iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Many of you are wondering that how they do in the iPad, if you have no camera. Well, iPad users can only receive pictures. In contrast, those who enjoy the iPhone 4, may be conducted with the front camera bearing.

The other mobile devices such as Android must wait for the call, at least until next year. In the words of Rick Osterloh, head of consumer product company:

We face a big step, because the tool will make it easy to share moments anywhere. For now, Apple only has the availability, although we all mobile devices as a key sector

As for its operation in the IOS device, Skype allows video call via WiFi networks and 3G networks But from the company claim that the 3G connection will be more than acceptable for full operation (I recommend in this case, reducing it to audio only.)

Little more to say congratulations to users with IOS, and it is great news and also free. Those who live in Spain go with an eye for one simple reason, not all plans allow the use of VoIPIn the case of Vodafone, to make use of it, you rate will go up automatically. I leave the promotional video.