China declared illegal Skype

Although it sounds like a joke, the news could not be more true and sad at the same time. Increasingly surreal state media just announced the service VoIP illegally in the country. How difficult it must be to live in a country where freedoms are fence and technology can only be used to serve the Communist Party. The fact is that the Chinese government has banned internet phone calls illegal except for those made by the two state-owned network, China Unicom and China Telecom. Skype becomes illegal in the country.

It was the day People's Daily Official organ of the Communist Party in charge of making official the news, saying that services like Skype available in the country, would stop working. This new ban is attached to the blockades and closures in the country have been other sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Google itself, who closed last year after heavy pressure from the government.

During the day yesterday, Wang Chen, deputy director of Chinese Propaganda Department, said, boasting of it and words are prescient today:

During November, 350 million harmful information, including text, photos and videos, were deleted from the network in China. We are conducting with the relevant authorities a campaign to crack down on illegal Voice over Internet Protocol phone

From Twitter Now beginning to be the first replies to the new position of the party, where several users have stated that they no longer have the option to download Skype. News how are you always a pitcher of cold water to the society and the development of freedom. I hope to introduce it again soon, although I fear that it will not.