Skyfire now has its version for iPad

Some time ago came Skyfire's App Store, During the launch of its iPhone version. And success was such that servers Skyfire (Which are responsible for converting Flash Video HTML5 in real time) collapsed, forcing the company to retire for a couple of days while the solution of problems.

Now Skyfire submits your application for iPad, And although not say anything we assume to be the high demand expected this result can be reached. The application mimics many of the elements of the Safari interface and in addition to this feature to see flash videos also adds social elements as Twitter Quickview or Facebook QuickviewThat allows us to visualize external sites without leaving both services.


But of course, are what bring videos of Skyfire, in this and all mobile platforms to which it has arrived, and the performance is pretty decent because it is the first version, with video quality is not perfect but If enough. On the audio functionality is more limited, and it works well all the features of sites like Grooveshark, but it is clear that the main interest of Skyfire is the video and focus on that.

IPad Skyfire now available for download from App Store, and the cost is 3.99 euros.