How to remove third party applications on Twitter

Due to the popularity of Twitter there are many third-party applications that connect to your network account is to give more options and features to the experience of "tweet". Every time you use a new application, Twitter asks you permission for them to share your data, all for safety.

Sometimes we use third-party application because we liked the most, or just get better doing the same and we clear the list of connections we have. To do this we must follow a few simple steps.

First log out your account Twitter, As you usually do. Then go to "Settings." This will appear in the top of the web if you have the old Twitter.

If you have the new clicked on your username and you will get a menu where you will also "own".

Then go to the tab "connections." Hence looking at the list which is the application you want to delete. Click "revoke access." In my case it is in English, as seen in the image below.

Revokes the access you want with a few applications click and then continues tweeting as usual.