D0Z.me, a shortening of URLs that facilitates the creation of DDoS attacks

Since the beginning of hacking, launch DDoS attacks (Distributed Denial of Service) has been something usually reserved for those with a certain level of knowledge. But what if I told you today anyone can do it? That is possible by D0Z.me, A service created by Ben Schmidt.

A few days ago DDoS attacks have been the talk of having been produced in mass against WikiLeaks site, and attached to it that Ben has tried to show how much his creation today is dependent on the shortening of URLs, a sometimes not even imagine what these blogs can not hide.

How does D0Z.me? It's simple: when you get a link and you click it, you are directed to the site it contains, but it also loads an iFrame in your browser, which initiates a LOIC (Low Orbit Ion Canon), an application that performs DDoS attacks. That attack is still going on for as long as the user remains on the site, and apparently is even more powerful in browsers with support for HTML5.

Will surely D0Z.me bit until it can be neutralized (in fact my router with OpenDNS and it does) and no shortage of attacks Ben Schmidt for making available to any such tools, but he said he just wants shields draw attention to how easy it can be today to create attacks against web sites collectively.

Via TechCrunch