Codes and tricks Just Cause 2 A

Here are some codes and tricks Just Cause 2 A game to the explosive action that takes place in an open world and is available on Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. The first trick is a code that allows for an infinite health. For this, we need to pause the game and enter X, A, Y, X, A, Y, X, A, Y Xbox 360.

Jump on the island of Lost series

If you go in the box at the top left corner of the map you will see a square-shaped island. If you're flying over the island, your plane will explode and you will land on the beach by parachute. From here you will see an arrow indicating a direction toward the jungle. We must follow this direction to find the door of the bunker series Lost.

Having the Bubble Blaster

South southwest of the outpost communication Gurun Lautan Lama Gamma in the desert Lautan Lama, there is a wide open plain with numerous white trees. In the most north of this plain, you will see a steeple. Climbing on top, you will see a small table with a purple gun. That is, the Bubble Blaster is yours!

Sperm whale

Go Panau Island south of the River. You will see a sperm whale stranded on the beach. In the explosion, you will unlock a piece of armor. Not sure Greenpeace appreciates ...

Piloting a Balloon

To the east of Pano, between two mountains in the center of the forested area is a hot air balloon. Now it's your turn!

Fake shark

Go to the center of Lake Lama Lautan to see a fake shark move.