HTC Android closer HD2

One of the terminals with non-Windows Windows Mobile-Phone 7, if the previous version, which impressed me most was undoubtedly the HTC HD2. One of the first terminal of four-inch touchscreen which unfortunately Phone Windows 6.5 had hidden behind the interface of HTC. It was a good terminal except for the software, with some very good features but it failed because of Windows Mobile 6.5, but now, having the leading Windows HD7 HTC Phone 7 with very similar characteristics, what could be done with this terminal?


Although smartphones for release you may consider a terminal "old" (and please, with many quotes that old), the HTC HD2 is a good terminal to which he could revive thanks to Android, or even if it becomes possible to install Windows Phone 7 in a way that interested developers could accomplish.

But it seems that there is a future for Android-optimized version of this terminal, at least "Dark Forces Team"Has been update the firmware on a HTC HD2 with a version of Android to clear only Windows Mobile and Android installed, so it would run to start the terminal and would not have to choose which system you want. Accessing memory that stores the operating system lets you forget to use Windows Mobile and pass to Android, but still at an experimental stage and now there is no information of a possible shock.

But it would be interesting because you can be so you'd just buy a second hand HTC HD2 or in any online store that still have it (not less than 450 € in some online stores) and have a great terminal, in every way with a good operating system.