More Details about iPad 2 in a few days

Discussed in specialized media Apple and especially in his famous iPad device, which the company could reveal the official data on the launch of the second generation model on 7 February this year 2011.

It's just a rumor, But has been given great credibility by the literature and it would be odd not come to fruition. The only strange thing is it comes at a time when Steve Jobs, head honcho Apple Is absent due to health reasons.

ipad 2

The iPad 2, So it is said, will have higher resolution screen, memory card port microSD, And both front and rear camera, to use similar services Facetime and video chat.

Although the date is said to be officially announced, also said that the launch in U.S. stores the device could be carried out in April, to celebrate the year of the Apple product.

As analysts say, the iPad 2 will be one of the most important of the year 2011, so everyone is waiting for Apple to know what to offer.