The world's most expensive Nokia

If you already seem expensive to pay 500 euros or more for a mobile phone, the list of 5 Most Expensive Nokia going to seem unreal. Of course, the "kits" of these phones range from 24K gold with diamonds and other precious stones.

The magnificent 5 are:

  1. Nokia 8800 Supreme - $ 156,000 (approx. EUR 124.800). Decorated with 1225 gems pink diamond accompanied by the 12.5 K and platinum coated. The work is of Stuart Hughes. Only 3 were prepared and were prepared manually.
  2. Nokia 8800 Arte with pink diamonds - $ 131.650 (Approx. EUR 105.000). Made of gold, but 18k white and adorned with 680 white diamonds and pink totaling 21.5 carats. This piece is the work of Austrian designer Peter Aloisson.
  3. Diamond Nokia N95 - $ 42.918 (Approx. EUR 34.300). Only 25 of these on the street. The housing additionally is 18K solid gold and there is that the 658 diamonds are embedded.
  4. Diamond Nokia E71 - $ 12.685 (Approx. EUR 10.150). Nokia E71 special version comes with white diamonds on its outer edge.
  5. Nokia 8800 Gold Edition - $ 2.700 (Approx. EUR 2.160). The cover is pure 24K gold. Not only is the team gold, but the charger too.