OnBarcode, scan the QR codes from your desktop

QR codes an excellent system with which to make available a vast amount of information available on very immediate, but on condition that you have a special scanner so that we can extrapolate these data.

In this regard, when used on a smartphone, or line much more generally, any mobile device, you can tap into specific applications that can serve as a QR code scanner, however, in the case of computers this type of proceeding may be performed using one of the many special facilities and available online.

However, the transaction can be safely performed even by directly from their desktop ... how? Well, very simple ... using OnBarcode!

It is in fact a free little program Of nature Portable (Therefore usable without installing anything on your PC and therefore perfect to be carried on USB device) and used solely and exclusively on Widows operating systems at home that, simply and without too much trouble, you scan the QR codes and displays the information supplied.

To use the application should not have any special knowledge because, once started, simply click on the button Open QR Code Image place in plain view, select the image on the QR code and within a few moments OnBarcode automatically retrieve the information contained herein.