Binding Update for the Xbox 360

What many had hoped and others feared, today Microsoft issued a new mandatory update for the Xbox 360 console. This update is intended to introduce minor changes in the interface and the system. In addition it is very common now, it could also produce the banning of those consoles which have been "Pirated" or manipulated in any way.

Passing over the possibility that many of the consoles manipulated by hackers be put out, one of the innovations will recovery of function started disk directory which is in the console, or go directly to Xbox main menu. This option had been disabled before, but now will be configurable to suit the user.


Also be changes in Gamercards calls, although this modification has not yet become effective, will likely become effective on January 20, to change their appearance slightly, eliminating Gamerzone information. Will be reporting on any consequences brought by this mandatory update.