LG presents the E2370V, a new monitor for gaming

LG has many hidden surprises up its sleeve, and monitors industry will benefit from some of them. For example, the company has filed E2370V, A new 23-inch monitor features the most juicy.

This monitor uses technology UH-IPS LG, plus Thru Mode LED backlighting in order to eliminate the lag that occurs in the introduction of signal.


In addition, the E2370V has a user mode that automatically apply changes and customization aspect ratio, high-quality scaling and brightness level. Not so the image lacks resolution image 1920 x 1080 pixels, connection HDMI, D-sub and DVI-D.

Its makers from LG say that this is a monitor specifically designed for enjoying video games and gaming in general in high definition and high quality, having tested with PlayStation 3 that have proved more than satisfactory.

We do not know when it hits stores or at what price it will.