The Sony PSP2 in 2011 with 3G and OLED touchscreen

Japanese newspapers comes from information related to the new handheld console PSP2One of the most important projects in the works Sony (besides the already confirmed PlayStation Phone). As the Nikkei said, one of Japan's most respected newspapers, the machine will have access 3G and AMOLED.

The newspaper published the first data so we could take as "almost confirmed" and that may be confirmed definitively by Sony before the end of the month of January 2011.

psp2-sonyAt least Japan, 3G service from the console will be provided by the telephone operator NTT DoCoMo, known as the great phone giant Nipponese land. In addition, the console will have access WLAN, and 3G support that will allow players to connect with each other anywhere. 

Besides the wireless functionality, the newspaper says Console OLED touch screen will, not to mention the use of a brand new processor.

Changing of the third, the Nikkei said that the PlayStation Phone is a smartphone designed for gaming. This mobile phone-Android operating system console will give access to many applications of all kinds, not just games.

Except surprise, Sony will announce everything related with PSP2 at a press event on the 27th of this month of January. PlayStation Phone data will also be published before the end of the month.