NoteSlate, halfway between tablet and electronic reader for $ 99

he picture you see on the device is halfway between tablet and electronic reader. Is called NoteSlate And in addition to their characteristics, what we like is the price of only $ 99.


Although NoteSlate can lend itself to multiple uses, as it is as we said between what is a tablet and an electronic reader, the truth is that it is primarily intended to replace the traditional paper and pencil.

As for the technical characteristics of NoteSlate could be defined as follows:

Display: 13 "(750 × 1080), E-ink mate
ARM hardware (model not specified)
USB Mini
SD Slot
Weight: 280 g
Thickness: 6mm
Battery: up to 180 hours
SO: SP Firmware

Finally, I would emphasize the careful design of NoteSlate and that only comes with three simple buttons. One store, one for delete, and one for reverse. Its output could be scheduled for June, but is not guaranteed.