ST30, Samsung's new ultra-compact camera

In March 2011 he Samsung Electronics launch a new camera Ultra-compact The ST30. This is a new model of attractive design and small footprint, so that we can carry in your pocket or purse. To put it clearly and give you an idea, it compact camera is the size of a standard mobile phone.

System has Smart Auto Focus, 28 mm lens, 3x optical zoom, image stabilizer also allows us to get more accurate pictures. Its sensor, meanwhile, is 10.1 megapixels, ensuring crystal clear images and high quality.


The image stabilization system ensures both quality photos when we're dancing in the disco (the example set Samsung...), For example, when we're chasing our friends on the move. For better quality, include system detects faces and option to fix red-eye effect.

The camera has dimensions of 82.0 x 51.9 x 16.9 mm, and will hit stores at a price of $ 99.99, which will be about 75 euro changeover.