Flip, smartphone with three screen

Seems anything but what it is. Believe it or not, the gadget you see in the picture is a mobile phone or a Smartphone, but unlike everyone else, has a functional design with three screens. Is called Flip and certainly attracts attention.

Flip is the smartphone, designed by Ulrich Kristian Larsen, who has thought that "two are better than one" was not enough and has endowed this phone with three screens and a brand design that certainly never seen.


The components that perhaps the most striking Flip model are undoubtedly also of great design, screens, and not anyone talk about a display. In this case, the smartphone has been created with 3 SUPER AMOLED curves to reach the model you see in the picture.

But not only design and live displays Flip In fact the most original phone features QWERTY keyboard, just in case one is not like the touch screen.

For now, though we want, we can not buy this outfit, the Flip, Since it is still a prototype, but if they release it on the market, its creator has already warned it would take Android. It would be perfect.