Sony wins a battle in the war against Geohot

The famous hacker George Hotz better known in the world as Geohot just been notified by the court followed the case against him that he was temporarily confiscated computers and storage units where "hacking" the star of Sony console .

The Japanese company, as we remember Geohot basically complained to publish the master keys with which you can have complete access to the PlayStation 3 and because of this can be done using "homebrew" games and run images and other things clearer for him, accusing him of Jailbreak to the PS3.

This "victory" Sony really little because they know all the material is online and can do little besides taking time to time firmware updates it does not take long and groups dedicated to this as Fail0verFlow and others began work on The following firmware thus making it available to users.

Let's wait how things turn against Geohot we do not see who has the upper hand this time and less in front of a giant such as Sony.