MSI shows a tablet with built-in projector

During the past CES 2011 in Las Vegas were more than 40 tablets different, and it is obvious that some proceeds would go unnoticed at the time. Now that the boom of the event is over and that publications are doing look at everything they saw on the show, start to look at network products that until now had never heard.

For example, a new tablet maker MSI, Noted for having built-in projector. Not confirmed, but said it could be the first tablet in showing a projector to deliver their potential.


At the moment the tablet has no name or release date, as is visible only in prototype form, but MSI could have it completed within a very short time. Your operating system will Windows 7, And the screen will have a size of 10 inches, with processor Intel Atom.

Is a concept still very preliminary, so we have to wait a while to learn more about this project, which certainly looks very interesting. MSI seems to have realized that in the sector saturadísimo tablets, it is imperative to innovate to attract attention.