13 Reasons Why Software Is Not Free

Lately it seems increasingly clear that the general public expects that all programs are free or very cheap. This is reinforced when companies like Apple represent a huge income with their online stores and other miscellaneous income, largely by how cheap it out applications.

Not only that, with the suite iWork in particular Apple can afford to lower prices for its software, it is not their main source of income and thus are able to sell more and make their equipment, or devices are sold by numbers, making consumers happier.

For that reason many people watch programs when more than 5 or $ 10 wonder: Why do I have to pay so much for this software?, Should not just be free?, Therefore, our friends Wildchocolate leave us 13 reasons why a program is not free:

01. Most programs are done by small software companies, usually less than a dozen people. They specialize in creating software and do not have billions of other income.

02. The software is not easy to create, especially software that people find easy to use and attractive in design. Is a collection of thousands of lines of code, is a lot of work indeed.

03. Good software takes time, months or even years. It is not something that is created in one night as shown in the movies.

04. The software is created by working people, who likes what he does. So it's like asking yourself: Do you get paid for your work?

05. People who make the software have more work to do once they buy their programs. Solve problems, fix bugs, teach clients to use, etc.

06. The team is constantly working to improve and update its software to keep pace with the evolution of the technologies. Is a continuous process.

07. Not all software developers seeking foreign investment to finance their projects. In fact, most do not.

08. It costs money to invest in software. Spend years since its creation, we must pay wages to programmers, office rent, equipment purchases, advertising, publicity, etc..

09. The software is an art and a science. You need people with talent, experts in computer science, engineering, design, and more to create a quality product.

10. Not everyone wants to show bad publicity to make money, instead of just selling the actual work. Some hate the annoying ads. The ads are not suitable for all software projects.

11. If you pay for clothes, gadgets, movie ticket, his food, airfare, etc, why not software?

12. Without software, the computer, the notebook, the iPad, or any device would be totally useless.

13. Those who come to sell a software have to do many things in between to achieve an affordable price that meets the needs of all involved. As an owner of a sandwich shop has to realize how much to charge for a sandwich based on the price that adequately covers the cost of ingredients, the rent of his shop, or pay their employees.

Hopefully after reading this, people finally understand that the software is not created alone, there are people behind, programmers, designers, experts who have studied and worked for years upon years to create something of value and be useful to the world.

The software is made by working people like you. They often work in small teams and put much of themselves, time, money and effort into creating it, everything for easy use by others, who almost never appreciate the value of their labor.

Nobody is perfect, and there is no perfect program, but it does everything. So next time you see a program that costs $ 10, and is very useful for you, remember this article and buy it. Via