ST6500, the new Samsung camera

From offices Samsung Electronics comes the introduction of a new camera, ST6500, Which follows in the footsteps of the already known ST5000. The design of this new camera is most remarkable, with a curved frame around lens and a style that is the most ergonomic.

The camera is equipped with a 16-megapixel sensor ensures crystal clear images. Its 5x zoom lenses have, and includes a user interface Smart Touch 3.0, Which works well with touch screen 3.0-inch LCD. In this way it will be easy access to all files you have stored in the memory of the camera.


In addition to its 5X optical zoom, camera lenses, ST6500 26 mm, ability to record HD video in 720p additional voice recording, and playback of HD video. On the other hand, it includes software to edit and customize pictures is easy and intuitive. This application will help Magic Frame, which includes 12 templates with a lot of funds that will allow us to create postcards and posters fun.

With all this seems a camera than recommended, which may soon begin to see in stores.